2018/02/15 ap-shinjuku

Dear HEESOOK JI sama,

Thank you very much for your reservation in our hotel.
As you warned us about your late arrival in our hotel, here are the self check-in information:

*First, the entrance door closes automatically from 9pm, so to open it, enter the code 1234E on the dial pad next to the door.
*Then, your room number is : 302(3F)
*Your dial code to open it is : CB1425
*Also, there is a free Wifi in your room so feel free to use it:
ID : ap_shinjuku●302
Pass: aps22222

*Please come to our front desk from 10am the following day to finish the procedures of check-in and payment.
We will delete this URL from 2pm.

*The whole building is nonsmoking so if you do smoke, please use the ashtray at the entrance.

Thank you very much for your understanding and we are very sorry that our check-in time is inconvenient for you.
We are looking forward to having you,